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Purchasing logs

We partner with state, federal and private landowners to acquire logs for our mills and ensure a sustainable flow of raw material to our facilities. Our resource department sources all of the raw material for our facilities, and maximizes the value of each harvest by merchandizing logs to other companies.

Murphy procures raw materials for its mills from suppliers committed to sustainable forest practices that protect water, air and wildlife. We require our timber and log suppliers to adhere to federal and state forest practice rules and regulations in their harvest operations.

In business since 1909, Murphy understands that our precious forest resources require a sustainable approach to keep them viable for future generations.

We optimize the logs we buy to ensure they are used in a way that maximizes their value. Our vertically integrated manufacturing processes across our six facilities allow us to maximize the value of the veneer in every log, producing the highest quality finished goods.

Murphy timber buyers:

Sam Wheeler (Southern Oregon, Northern California):  (541) 830-7006

Nate Root (Northern Oregon, Washington): (360) 482-7402