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Technical Resource Center

The following are ready-to-download technical resources. If you are unsure which resources you need, cannot locate the desired information, or wish to request hard copies, please complete the Technical Document Request here.

Engineered Wood PDFs

Murphy Engineered Wood Product Information
Murphy LVL Technical Guide
Murphy Limit States Canadian LVL Technical Guide
Murphy Marriage Beam Span Chart
Murphy Mobile Modular Span Chart
Murphy Concrete Form Beam Technical Guide
Murphy Scaffold Plank Technical Guide

Engineered Wood Technical Guides
Murphy LVL Installation Guide
Murphy Tech Note – Ripping LVL
Murphy Tech Note – TrussLok Screws
APA LVL Hole Drilling
APA LVL V900 Property Effect of Horizontal Holes

Murphy Engineered Wood Certificates
APA Product Report L283
ESR-2913 ICC Report
Canadian CCMC – 13057-R
APA Product Report L292 Tension Lam
APA Product Report  L307 Concrete Form Beams
APA Product Report L312 Scaffold Plank
APA PR-E720 Low Formaldehyde Report
Low Formaldehyde / NAUF Certificate
FSC Certificate
JAS Certificate
City of LA (LABC & LARC) and California (CBC & CRC) Code Supplements
Florida DBPR Product Approval FL18993
APA Product Report L283 – Florida Supplement
North American LVL Environmental Product Declaration
North American LVL EPD Transparency Summary
Murphy LVL Warranty

Murphy Engineered Wood SDS (Safety Data Sheets)
SDS LVL  Brown Sealer (standard)
SDS LVL Orange Sealer
SDS LVL Yellow Sealer
SDS for LVL (formerly MSDS)

Softwood PDFs

Murphy Softwood Plywood Product Information
Murphy Softwood Plywood Product Sheet
Murphy Enhanced Flow MDO Concrete Form Product Sheet
Murphy M-Pour MDO Concrete Form Product Sheet
Murphy ValuePour MDO Concrete Form Product Sheet
Murphy 23/32″ Struct 1 MDO Concrete Form Product Sheet
Murphy 17.5 mm Struct 1 MDO Concrete Form Product Sheet
Murphy 5/8″ Struct 1 MDO Concrete Form Product Sheet

Softwood Plywood Technical Guides
Storage and Handling of Murphy Softwood Plywood
Field buckling problems and solutions of APA plywood
Typical Field Repair of Softwood Plywood
Proper installation of underlayment
APA Builder Tip – proper spacing of sheathing and plywood
Minimize Floor Squeaks
Nail pops and how to minimize their occurrence
Finishing sanded panels
Proper roof Sheathing fastening
APA Builder Tip – siding
Formaldehyde in Softwood plywood
APA panel glossary handbook
Concrete Form specification guide
HDO/MDO product guides
APA Sanded Plywood Guide
North American Softwood Plywood Environmental Product Declaration
North American Softwood Plywood EPD Transparency Summary

Murphy Softwood Plywood Certificates
Murphy FSC certificate
ICC-ES Report

Murphy Softwood Plywood SDS (Safety Data Sheet)
Murphy Softwood Plywood SDS (formerly MSDS)

Hardwood PDFs

Murphy Hardwood Plywood Product Information
Murphy Hardwood Panel Brochure
Murphy Paneling Brochure
Murphy UV Finishes
Murphy Cut-to-Size & Components

Hardwood Plywood Technical Guides
Murphy Paneling: How to Install
Veneer Cutting & Matching
Veneer Matching
Architecture Wood Workstandards_Ed_1-2009
Diagnostic Guide-Eval Surface Distorts in Veneered Furniture-Cabinetry
Hardwood Plywood Flame Spread Information
HPVA-Blotchy Cherry Study 3-14-03
HPVA-Hints for Beautiful Finishes
HPVA-Preparation for Wood Finishing
HPVA-Preventing Warping and Checking
HPVA-Solutions to Common Wood Finishing Problems

Murphy Hardwood Plywood Certificates
Murphy Plywood ANSI/HPVA HP-1 Certification
Murphy Plywood CARB/TSCA Title VI Compliance Certificate
Murphy Plywoood E84 Flame Spread Compliance Certificate
Murphy FSC-COC-Certificate
Murphy PEFC-COC-Certificate

Murphy Hardwood Plywood SDS (Safety Data Sheets)
Murphy ULEF Bonded Hardwood Plywood SDS sheet (formerly MSDS)
Murphy NAUF Bonded Hardwood Plywood SDS sheet (formerly MSDS)