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Panel finishing can be expensive and time-consuming. Save labor costs and virtually eliminate finish emissions with Murphy finishing services. Our topcoat system uses 100% UV solids. All coloring system components are water-based and environmentally friendly.

PermaGuard UV Topcoat

Our durable, clear finish, perfect for full panels, cabinets, vanity interiors, shelving, and drawers, is stain and chemical resistant. The UV curing process provides a finish more durable than catalyzed topcoats and is  available in various sheens ranging from satin to high gloss.

The topcoat process includes application of a UV sealer and a double application of the top clear coat (two coats are applied instead of a single, thicker coat for a more durable finish).

Transparent and Solid Colors

Adding color to real wood can emphasize the grain and enhance its beauty. Murphy has the ability to apply transparent or solid colors to meet your specifications.

The Murphy finish line capabilities include application of the following on panel products:

  • Flood coat.
  • Stain (water-based stain applied to color veneer grain).
  • Sealer (seals wood for further finishing. 100% UV solids).
  • Primer (water-based primer provides solid base for color application).
  • Toner (adds transparent tint to the final wood coloring).
  • Color (water-based color finish).
  • PermaGuard Topcoat (100% UV solids, two-step clear coat as described above).

Color Matching

Murphy works with many customers to color-match new and existing finishes.

If you have a color to match, Murphy works with the finish supplier to create the correct mix of finishing steps. Once the color-match recipe is in place, future orders can be finished and match-verified using our commercial spectrometer and software system.

From sample receipt to color approval, the first-time match process generally takes two weeks. Please ask your Murphy salesperson for additional details. Murphy can finish your hardwood plywood and panels in variety of options, from factory-applied paints and stains to numerous paper overlay styles and colors. Our attractive paneling is available in the same veneers as our hardwood plywood. Style options include flat, grooved or beaded panels.