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LVL Dimension Lumber

An engineered solution where high-strength and long-length dimensionally stable performance is required, Murphy’s engineered Laminated Veneer Dimension Lumber is always straight and true and will not bend or twist like traditionally milled lumber. Our engineered dimension lumber is manufactured from Douglas-fir, which offers a high strength-to-thickness ratio. Murphy’s LVL dimension lumber also offers very good fastener holding strength and mechanical connector performance in addition to their superior strength and stiffness properties.

LVL Product Grades available:

Murphy’s engineered veneer dimension lumber are available in 2.1E product grade.

LVL Dimension Lumber:

Thickness – 1-1/2″
Widths – 3-1/2″, 5-1/2″, 7-1/4″, 9-1/4″ and 11-1/4″
Lengths – 8′ to 66′

LVL Properties

Sizing Software Support:

To better assist engineers, designers and specifiers, Murphy has partnered with Calculated Structured Designs of Calgary, Alberta Canada, an industry leader in design software. isDesign software will aid in the specification of framing members to structurally resist engineering problems by entering simple span applications, point loads, cantilevers and other common applications. It recognizes all U.S. building codes and offers printable design calculations and beam capabilities. Please contact your sales representative to learn more about receiving a complimentary copy of isDesign Software. Contact your local salesperson for more information on how we can provide speciality services that match your needs.

Transportation Options:

  • UP and BN served
  • Flatbed trucks


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  4. MSDS for LVL