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Engineered Wood

Consistent quality and strength

Engineered LVL JoistsMurphy Douglas-fir Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) provides the superior performance and durability of engineered wood. Our LVL structural lumber are perfectly suited for heavy loads and multi-span applications that require dimensional stability and uniformity. Specialty products such as engineered wood dimension sizes, truss chords, beams for modular housing and off-site construction, a wide range of concrete formwork, and scaffold planks complete our LVL product offerings.

Our highly automated engineered wood manufacturing operation in Sutherlin, Oregon features advanced equipment that ensures consistent quality and strength. The entire family of Murphy Douglas-fir engineered wood products are certified and approved under strict quality-control methods established and audited by APA. Murphy Douglas-fir LVL represents our ongoing commitment to unsurpassed performance and service to meet the needs of discerning engineered wood customers.


  • Manufactured in a controlled process in which exterior adhesives boost stability and reduce warps and twists.
  • Uniform sizes with inherently superior nail-holding characteristics.
  • Machine ripped with user friendly eased edges then coated with an industry leading moisture resistant sealer and wrapped for transport and storage.
  • Hardwood

    General Construction

    Murphy manufacturers a number of general construction engineered wood products, including structural lumber, flanges, truss cords, studs, and manufactured home marriage beams. For more information on each of these products please refer to our individual engineered wood product pages. MORE »

  • Hardwood

    Concrete Forming

    Murphy Laminated Veneer Lumber concrete forms are ideal for heavy loads and multiple uses. With dimensional stability and increased durability, Murphy’s engineered wood concrete form beams, wales and shores provide a clean surface for concrete forming and can be reused again and again. MORE »

  • Engineered Laminates

    Crane Mats

    Designed to support cranes and other heavy machinery, mats can be used on bridges, access roads, outriggers or in areas where mud and water prove to be a detriment to on-time construction. With proper maintenance, crane mats can reused over and over again for a variety of uses. MORE »

  • Engineered Laminates

    Scaffold Planks

    Murphy scaffold planks are certified by the American Plywood Association in compliance with OSHA safety limits are and factory proof-load tested. Our scaffold planks are manufactured from Pacific Northwest Douglas Fir, which provides superior strength and a dependable, safe plank. MORE »