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Decorative Laminates

Decorative laminate surfaces can be used for furniture, interior cabinets, wall paneling, and store fixtures. With a fully integrated laminating line, Murphy can apply wood grain, solid colors, foil or vinyl laminates to panels. Murphy also offers Thermo-Fused Laminate as a more durable alternative (please see below for more information).

Many surfacing products are available and suitable for widespread decorative and functional applications. Paper and vinyl laminates are an attractive, functional, and affordable alternative to real wood surface components. Faux finishes and durable performance-grade top coated foils are available as well.

Custom printed decorative overlay options include (top-coated foils and vinyl):

  • Decorative top coated papers, 23 gram to 120 gram
  • High Quality Vinyl, 2 to 30 mil

ArmorLam™ (TFL)

Quite often a surface more durable than a standard laminate applied to a hardwood panel is desired. A common application is for cabinet interiors. Murphy’s ArmorLam is perfect for such applications. White is the most common color but matching wood grain and other solid colors are available.

With the thermo-fused laminate (TFL) process, heat and pressure activates a resin-saturated overlay and permanently fuses the overlay to the substrate. Partcleboard or MDF are often the substrate used as they present a consistent surface. The resulting finish is noted for its hardness, scratch and heat resistance, and color stability.

ArmorLam panels are widely used in cabinets, shelving, home storage, office furniture, closet system components, store fixtures and cabinets. It can also be specified for use in healthcare, hospitality, commercial and retail settings.