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Overseeing logging operations

Murphy uses qualified and trained logging professionals to conduct all of its harvest operations. It is also committed to working closely with the contract logger to ensure the relevant best management practices (BMPs) and applicable forest practices laws and regulations are obeyed during the timber harvesting operations on lands that provide our mills with logs and timber. California, Oregon, Washington, and federal forestry agencies routinely monitor the performance of landowners and professional loggers to ensure they comply with the law. Our resource department supports these efforts.

Murphy promotes and achieves sustainable forest management by requiring harvest operations to:

  • Practice sustainable forestry
  • Use responsible practices
  • Regenerate the forest to maintain its productive capacity
  • Protect and maintain long-term forest and soil productivity
  • Protect water resources, special sites, wildlife and biological diversity
  • Consider forest aesthetics
  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Continually improve forest practices