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Murphy manufactures Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) flanges that are used in the fabrication of I-joists, used as supporting farming members in engineered floor and roof systems. Our flanges are used in highest quality residential and commercial projects where attention to detail is paramount. Murphy flanges are engineered to produce a joist that is consistently straight and true, while providing superior strength characteristics. Our engineered wood flanges are the best option when constructing large open spaces and buildings with very large floor plans.

LVL Product Grades available:

Murphy’s engineered veneers are available in 2.0E, 2.2E and 2.35E product grades

LVL Product Size options:

Thickness – 1-3/8″, 1-1/2″ and 1-3/4″
Widths – 3-1/2 ” to 24″. Specialty rip width on request
Lengths – 8′ to 72′. DET lengths available on request

LVL Properties

Sizing Software Support:

To better assist engineers, designers and specifiers, Murphy has partnered with Calculated Structured Designs of Calgary, Alberta Canada, an industry leader in design software. isDesign software will aid in the specification of framing members to structurally resist engineering problems by entering simple span applications, point loads, cantilevers and other common applications. It recognizes all U.S. building codes and offers printable design calculations and beam capabilities. Please contact your sales representative to learn more about receiving a complimentary copy of isDesign Software.

Specialty Services:

We can provide a number of specialty services, including the following:
  • Private label provider
  • Custom stamping
  • Custom packaging
  • Literature support
Contact your local salesperson for more information on how we can provide speciality services that match your needs.

Transportation Options:

  • UP and BN served
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Container loading


  1. Murphy LVL Technical Guide
  2. APA Product Report L283 LVL Lumber
  3. MSDS for LVL