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Component Finishing

The workhorse of Murphy’s component finishing is a new Voorwood L115 edge foiler. It shapes, sands and applies foil, all in one sequence. Additionally, for drawer side components, it will cut the drawer bottom dado as part of the same step.

Any and all of the following component modifications can be performed in a single pass:

• Shape
• Sand
• Apply Edge Foil
• Cut Dado

All types of foil may be applied to the component edge. High-end multi-ply material will typically use a clear foil. The Voorwood L115 can shape any core, including MDF. For applications other than multi-ply, opaque paint foil may be applied.
When coupled with our panel finishing services,
Murphy can deliver your components ready for final sizing and assembly.

Here is a link to our product sheet about our component finishing:
Murphy Component Finishing

Feel free to contact our sales team with any questions:

This is a link to our technical documentation section: Murphy Documents